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We believe  the only way forward is a circular economy and we are experts in 3D printing. We combined our belief and expertise into recycl3dprint.

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What We Believe In

Focused on Circularity - Our mission is to enable the transition of makers, businesses, educational facilities and research labs to circular 3D printing. Because circular 3D printing is a more sustainable business model - from an environmental and economic perspective. We dedicate ourselves to further this transition by trying to create access to DRAM ( Distributed Recycling and Manufacturing) for everyone.

What We Know

Rooted in 3D Printing - recycl3dprint is a young start up specialized in Fused Granular Fabrication (FGF) or pellet 3D printing. We develop and produce a high-quality direct pellet extrusion system -The LILY Kit. The LILY kit unlocks powerful pellet 3 printing in almost any 3D printer. We do this because we firmly believe that directly printing pellets or granules is the next evolutionary step in 3D printing and the key to give access to DRAM for Maker all around the world.

Our story

Wouldn't it be great, if makers, businesses, educational facilities and research labs worldwide could make use of distributed recycling and flexible manufacturing? Imagine a new standard in 3D printing, that allows for 3D printing  with recycled plastic, having in-house material customization, as well as saving up to 80% on feedstock.

However today's standard 3D printing technology - FFF - limits makers in their freedom to recycle, experiment and express themselves, by being bound to material compositions and colors of expensive filament available to them. A different problem, for us even the biggest problem with FFF, gets apparent when we take a closer look at the typical 3D printing lifecycle (see diagram above). Mostly virgin plastic gets printed and once the print objects are no longer useful or failed, they end up inthe trash. This means the revolutionary technology of 3D printing, sadly contributes to our global plastic waste problem.

Luckily there is an alternative to FFF. An alternative that has already proven itself in the industrial sector - Fused Granular Fabrication or more commonly known as pellet 3D printing. 3D printing a granular feedstock is the next logical evolutionary step towards more flexibility and sustainability in 3D printing. In short the technology of Fused Granular Fabrication (FGF) is the key for makers, businesses, educational facilities and research to create freely and sustainable.

To make 3D printing more sustainable, flexible and cheaper all we need to do is: Make Fused Granular Fabrication (FGF) accessible in any 3D printer. Born was the idea of a universal bolt-on hardware solution, that allows for reliable and hassle-free FGF in any 3D printers - born was The Lily Kit by recycl3dprint.

Our Leaders

Jaume Casas, Co-Founder and CEO
Ramón Hernández Beltrán, Product Engineer
Juan Casas, Co-Founder and CTO
Benjamin Ohlhaeuser, Head of Marketing and Sales
Jose Javier de Freitas, Operations Specialist
Jaume Casas, Co-Founder and CEO
Juan Casas, Co-Founder and CTO
Benjamin Ohlhaeuser, Head of Marketing and Sales
Ramon Ramirez, Product Engineer
Jose Javier de Freitas, Operations Specialist
Ben Raymond
Natalie Co
Brian Halker
Rachel Minser
Debbie Loaw
Design & Research
Hiroko Nima
Sales Operations
Dave Dedhia
Ian Rad