The LILY Kit

Unlock powerful pellet 3D printing in your favorite printer.
The LILY Kit makes it simpler than ever to 3D print with pellets. Offering easy access to recycling waste plastics, up to 80% savings on feedstock and tremendous time savings by cutting down on material development and print time.

Circular 3D printing

Close the loop! Recycle failed prints, supports or waste plastic  and prevent more plastic pollution.

Save Money

Save up to 80% on print material by being able to 3D print directly with industrial pellets and recycled plastic.

Material customization

Create custom materials at your own convenience by experimenting with with compounds, additives or colorants.

Save Time

High flow rates and large nozzles allow for printing large and sturdy print objects in shorter time.

Open Source

Adapt, modify and improve the LILY Kit. We are using a commonly known and available components, as much as possible for our system.

The LILY Kit

Unlock powerful pellet 3D printing in your favorite printer

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The LILY Pellet Extruder

The 3D printer extruder to unlock sustainable and cheap 3D printing.

The LILY Pellet Extruder is the key for makers, businesses, educational facilities and research labs to access powerful pellet 3D printing or Fused Granular Fabrication (FGF). FGF is the next evolutionary step in desktop 3D printing. It is the technology that unlocks more sustainable, flexible and cheaper printing and the LILY Pellet Extruder is the innovation that makes FGF accessible for everyone. Welcome to a new standard in desktop 3D printing!

400 - 600 g/h Flowrate
Max flowrate (Depending on material).
Up to 300 °C
The NTC100k thermistor can handle up to 300 °C.
1-5 mm Pellets
Print industrial pellets and shredded chunks with a size of 1-5 mm.
M6 threaded nozzles
Large diameter (0.8, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 mm) nozzles included.
Patent-Pending Screw Design
Our extrusion screw can handle industrial pellets, shredded plastic and colorants.
Standard .gcode
Using standard *.gcode files generated by most common slicers.

Auto Pellet Dispenser

Pellet 3D printing as easy and comfortable as filament printing.

The Auto Pellet Dispenser supplies automatic pellet feedstock to the LILY Pellet Extruder whenever needed. The Auto Pellet Dispenser needs no connection to the 3D printer board and no adjustments in the firmware or slicer software. It operates fully autonomous, utilizing its own power supply and PCB. The Auto Pellet Dispenser enables long hands-off print sessions and can easily be scaled up for more capacity and longer feeding tubes.

Automatic Operations
Fully automatic feedstock supply to the LILY pellet extruder.
Totally Autonomous
The dispenser utilizes his own power supply, electronic board and code.
Adjustable Air Pressure
Adjust the air pump power to the pellet density and the distance between the extruder and dispenser.
2,5 kg of pellets
Standard feedstock capacity. Easily scalable up to 8kg.
Low noise System
Low noise air pump, 45 db (A) (1m distance and 10 CMH20).
Open Source
The Dispenser PCB uses an open source code, allowing modifications.

Industrial Power

The high torque stepper motor and our unique screw design in the extruder enable high flowrates, using large nozzles and printing standard industrial pellets. The Auto Pellet Dispenser can be easily scaled up to hold large amounts of feedstock, and also to work with a long feeding tubes. This makes the LILY Kit a good fit for large scale 3D printers.

Open Source

The LILY Kit utilizes commonly known and available components, as much as possible. This allows for modifications, improvements and replacements to be easily possible. Also our self-developed PCB is ATMEGA based and the code can easily be upgrade or replaced via a mini-USB cable.

Durable Design

All CNC manufactured parts are produced with high quality materials  by an expert machine shop in the USA. This guarantees that the precision parts are made with the highest standards. This allows for longterm high-quality plastic extrusion.

PRoudly Used by:

Experiment with compounds, additives and colorants.

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Easy, Fast and Renewable
Tough and Impact-resistent
Semi-Rigid and Impact Resitant
Rigid and Dissolvable
GPPS or Crystal PS
Rigid and Transparent
Durable and Solvent Resistant
Flexible and Hypo-Allergenic
Chemical Resistant and Fatigue Resistant
Semi-flexible and Durable
Masterbatch Coloring

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Seamless compatibility with your favorite 3D printers.

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Bolt on the extruder

The modular mounting plates with M4 x 0.7 threaded holes, let you bolt-on the extruder to your 3D printer carriage. The orientation of the U-shaped brackets can be individually changed, which delivers 3 different vertical hole distances (34, 47.7, 61.4 mm).


Connect it to your 3D printer

The next step is to wire the LILY Pellet Extruder to your 3D printer. We recommend using the included MOSFET to connect the 80W heating cartridge. The Auto Pellet Dispenser needs no connection with the 3D printer. It works autonomously via its own PCB and power supply.


Connect extruder and dispenser

For the LILY Kit to transfer material and signals automatically a few last connections are needed. The IR level sensor of the extruder needs to go to the dispenser. Then Connect the PE feeding hose to the extruder and the dispenser. Last but not least connect the power cord of the dispenser.


Adjust firmware & slicer settings

Follow the detailed instructions in the documentation to adapt the firmware (Marlin, Repetier, Smoothie) and slicer settings to pellet 3D printing. The LILY Kit works with standard .gcode files.